Wednesday, June 11, 2008


WOW! Its been a LONG time since I have blog.

Mommy-cat Sunshine have 3 babies! Now we have 12 all together!
Mac, hurt ankle had to do therapy for 10 wks.

Molly, got her first BLACK eye...

Molly also had surgery on throat/ears!

Madison, gave her spot up on the Bristol team to one of her friends so that she could go to church camp.

Mo working hard to keep me HAPPY!

Kristy my sister and her son Max moved in with US!
We had our first SUMMER party for the year it also included a egg hunt for the KIDS!
Few kids missing, We did have a little fire THANKS to Molly! all went really well about 25 people over and lots of FOOD!

It's official, the kids are out of school and summer is here. We have been in the pool almost everyday. We have a busy summer planned with drag racing every weekend,

Trips to the library (we just love the reading program)

softball three nights a week, drive-in on Sunday nights, grad. party's,

I've been DJ on Thursday, Friday are GIRLS nights, trips all over OHIO and to TN,IN,ME,NY, Church camps, and VBS.


KC said...

LOL, busy busy.. I just love summer..
Where do they go to church camp??

Lori_N said...

Soooooooo glad you're back to blogging...I missed you.

WOW!! busy as always. Love the pics.

palmtreefanatic said...

missed you whole bunches! thanks for letting us know you are still around;) You are busy busy!!!