Monday, April 21, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

The Price is Right. These delicious recipes can each be made for under $15!
For more menu ideas, check out Laura's

Have a great WEEK!

May GOD smile on YOU!

Monday~(Girl Scouts) Pork Chops

Tuesday ~ (MOPS in the morning) Tacos

Wednesday ~ (AWANA) Breakfast / stuffed waffles - fresh fruit

Thursday ~ Bake Chicken

Friday ~ (Movie-Guitar Hero night) Pizza

Saturday ~(Girls first Race) Grilled steak & Veg's

Sunday ~ Fettuccine Alfredo


KC said...

so glad I read this.. I forgot there was MOPS on tuesday.. and as of now I don't have plans for tomorrow morning.. so I think I might beable to make it..

Alex said...

Yummy yummy!!