Sunday, March 30, 2008

My thoughts: Being tossed around!

..Last night I had the most enjoyable evening with a very good friend. THANK you for time and love that you put into our friendship. It was great to have the hot tub. It was filled with wonderful heart felt conservation cause it was already hot enough...

I also found myself having the opportunity to read many blogger post yesterday. Some I did leave comments some I did not, my heart goes out to all of you sometimes the trials in our life can be tests that God has set before us. If you are facing those challenges with the wrong attitude—going around defeated or frustrated—you aren't ready to be "promoted" to the next level of faith. Those are words from my oldest not to long ago I was going through something that I can not explain but Madison showed me her faith. Maybe with you it's a friendship, marriage, just being a mom, or a baby .

Whatever it is, instead of praying for deliverance from the problem, try this: "God give me the strength to go through this with a good attitude." Don't live life stressed out. Turn your worries over to God; find rest in Him knowing that everything happens for a reason. It's a truly freeing way to live!

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Lori_N said...

Well, you're welcome! It was a great time. I really enjoy our friendship, Shaunda!! And the hot tub is definitely a perk :)