Sunday, January 6, 2008

My thoughts: Being tossed around!

Do you ever feel tossed around by the storms of life? Have you ever seen a tree in a hurricane? The winds and the rain blow the leaves from the branches, and sometimes the branches are torn off, or the tree is blown over. But the tree's roots are protected from the weather by being firmly established in the ground. The same is true in my life right now. I have been thinking the things around me are not in line with the Word of God, I have become vulnerable during the difficult times. But when our thoughts are in line with God's thoughts, He plants a righteous root within us. We become firmly established. Our thinking becomes clear so we can be strong and overcome the storms of life. God wants us to be solid. He wants us to be steady. He wants us to have an established life and character. He wants our roots to grow deep in His Word. He wants us to be righteous in Him. I'm asking the Lord today to show me any areas of my thought life that might need to be firmly planted in God's Word. I'm tring to develop a stronger relationship with the Lord I want him to grow deep spiritual roots and stand victoriously against the storms of life.

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