Monday, December 3, 2007

Weekend Reflection!

Friday, night went to Sam's Club with Jaycee, got some great deals... Had a bit to eat at Applebes with the family...WOW! to my surprise the girls ate 9oz steaks I was impressed.

Mayed it home by 9pm watched a little of the new BRATZ movie and was in bed by 10pm!

Saturday Dec 1st. Lori's Birthday! I was over at her house by 12pm out we went for lunch in which we were at lunch for 4hours...what a GREAT TIME!

Life is so busy it's just nice to caught up!

Let back up with Lori & Eric for dinner at 6pm out the door to Outback Steakhouse...
GREAT dinner awesome company!

On the way home Mo some how break our wiper on the VAN he was having a hard time seeing, snow ~ rain, whatever it was doing outside to boot! What laughs we had!

With one arm out the window, he was a true Window Washer!


After dinner met up with few other friends at their house where we danced a little ~ i bought lots of music but not the one song Eric wanted to hear. We laughed, played games and just enjoy each other company!

Sunday was just a relaxing DAY! Started wrapping gifts!

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palmtreefanatic said...

Happy birthday Lori, looks like a wonderful time!