Monday, October 15, 2007

Sweetest Day! October 20th

Love Survival Kit

On little pieces of paper write reasons why "I Love YOU" Fold them up and place them in a jar.

Sweet Escapes~for those times we spend alone

Candle~you are the light of my life

Peppermint Patty~for the cool sensations you give me

Stick of gum~for all the times you've stuck by me

Matches~we are a perfect match

Charmin Tissue~you are to irresistible NOT to squeeze

Mounds~for the mounds of love I feel for you...

Hugs & Kisses~ your name

"Sometimes all your spouse needs is to feel appreciated. Thinking outside the box ...when was the last time you said
"Thank YOU"


baby~amore' said...

this is so sweet - can I borrow it ?

Shaunda said...


Sweet Mummy said...

This is SO cute. I'm always looking for ways to say I LOVE YOU to my sweetie. You just put all of this together, eh? What a GREAT idea!

Sweet Mummy said...

I included a link from my blog here. Sweetest Day
Thanks for a great idea!!