Monday, October 15, 2007

Mom Moments

My mom moment was at dinner tonight it went like this: I ask the girls how was school and Mac says did you know it was National Grouch Day? No I had know idea I replied, She says back to me...we weren't grouchly for you this morning ~ we got right up, did what we needed to do, made our beds, had breakfast, brushed our teeth and made the bus.

How did they know it was YOUR DAY mom?

With a big smile on her face.


Frdgrl27 said...

OH THATS TOO FUNNY! I had that day too! Way to go MAC!

Rachel said...

how funny is that?? If you want to know how to do the giveaway click on the button/picture on my side bar. It links to her page about what to do and how to do. If you still have questions I'll try to answer them.

Stayllo said...

Wow, that's the opposite in my house. My kids are very grumpy and grouchy in the morning and I have to cheer them up by dancing around to the Hampsterdance song.

Suzy said...

Again, kids say the darndest things!They know how to get you.Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comments!