Monday, October 8, 2007

Glitter Symbols -
Am I living life with God?
We can choose to make No Room For God.
We can make it our goal to have a mediocre spiritual like.
We can be committed to growing a strong Relationship with Him.

How I try to experience a growing relationship with God!
Get Rid of anything that makes the Lord unwelcome.
1 Cort 15:33 "Come back to your senses...and stop sinning."
I find myself that what spiritual toxins is the Spirit promoting me to eliminate.

Add Habits that strengthen your relationship with Jesus.
Starting your day off by welcoming Jesus. Heb 11:6
Listen to him through time in the Bible Ps. 119:105
Tell-him-with praise and worship how you appreciate him. Heb. 13:15,12:28
Spend time With Others who are living life with Christ. Matt 18:20
Let the Lord Bless you with SLEEP. Ps. 127:2


That is the Monday Moment that Matters

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