Sunday, May 31, 2009

FATIH in our GOD!

That’s all I keep asking myself then God says to me who are you looking for? Making me think who I m I hope to hear from or see walk though my hospital door, My Family, My Sister, Friends, MOPS moms -- But yet know one calls or comes. Maybe they don’t know with more and more maybes came to my mind. When God says I’m here I have never left you I LOVE YOU my daughter. And for those that have called, send cards, flowers stopped in to see you…There is more LOVE than you know.

I STILL NEED ALL OF YOU: cleaning, cooking, shopping, driving me around and most of PRAYERS and SUPPORT…my recover 4-6 weeks WOW

At the time I didn’t see it that way. ALL that I could see - think was where are they.
My MOPS moms WOW Never would of thought.- Made me think why should I can about them? Or MOPS
Closed Friends WOW what a let down. - I’m done helping them.
FAMILY members that didn’t have time to call or stop in. WOW huge let down! I see where I STAND!

Then God said I will never leave you or for sake you I LOVE YOU Shaunda reach for me.

I’m not sure if you all know the whole story but I’ll make it short:

Tuesdays May 19th I came to FTMC after leaving Dr. Mark Biglers offices in which he help in saving my life. Not really know what was going on since I have been sick for about 3 months or so with all the same things as today. But this day was different: arriving at FTMC with test after test after test it came to be 7pm and the ER doctor says were turning you over to Doctor Said. He will be here in a hour or so, not even 15mins he comes around the curtain saying to me you will be going to surgery around 9pm will take us about 1hr and should be back to room around 11pm. WOW to my surprise flash back to April 2008 when I went though all of this with MO. Never really scared more of shock. All went as planed just has he said. SMILES

Day 1 Wed20th : Pain yes, hard to walk yes, not easy getting out of bed yes, All I did was taken those baby steps. THANKING God all day all giving him PRIASE!!!!

DAY 2 Thurs 21st : Its time to come home not feeling good but really didn’t know how to feel . I asked a lot of question but still didn’t t make since. Pain med didn’t help me now but that was ok with me. STILL praise God

DAY 3 Fri 22nd : Pain was more and start of low fever I thought I had UTI called doctor he called got medicine Had very hard time helping myself with ANY thing… cant talk, sit, stand, eat ect…God voice is all I can hear

DAY 4 Sat 23rd: PAIN not really feeling much better everyone tell me Its ok you just need rest- a lot more then just that. GOD showing me my life has HE see it…GOOD and BADS

DAY 5 Sun 24th : PAIN PAIN PAIN redness after shower out to the hospital Mo and I went. I had a little surgery in ER to got some of the poison out. And from that moment all it seemed has I enter in to HELL!
GOD moments one after another…

THIS IS WHAT THE WEEK HAD TO BRING:Finding out 4-6 week recover
7IV- with 6 other try’s leading to a pick line going right to my heart.
My stomach starched out says if I was 7 months preg. Even getting stretch marks form this.
Infection in Belly is on FIRE FIRE FIRE --BRIGHT RED RED, now going down my right leg and up my side.
Everyday shots in my Belly - plus you know they need blood as well
Cant walk well - cant talk - need help still
NO SMILING here or even JOKING around ---LIFE is not good

DAY6-Mon25th - Thurs 28th: PAIN getting better can do a little more things looking up: - MANY more GOD moment - when I cry out he answer even most of the time BIGGER and BETTER

Day 10 FRIDAY 29th --SURGERY DAY again--GOD IS GOOD everything we prayed for came to be FAITH/BELIEVE little to know PAIN, smiles of feeling GOOD like a new women. Medical bills (hospital stay) all taken care of. Much more than just let…


Thanks to all my visitor Mark B, Tim M, Lori, Alison, Jenn & Jake, CC, Amy, Stephanie, Mr and Mrs. Lepard, Bob P, Pastor Bruce,Friends from the bar, Donna & Charlie, Chris, Marc & Katie, Clara & Bryan, Willie, Bob F, Kim & girls, Joe & Tiffany, MY FAMILY --Mimi, Aunt Rock & Uncle Mike, Aunt Patty, Grandparents and by phone everyday, Mom & Dad, My Cruz Heather & family, Aunt Angie & Uncle Alan, Aunt Alexis and Uncle Doug, all the love form FLORIDA. If I forgot someone I still love you and THANKFUL to all of you…

I cant forget the 5 most IMPORTANT people in my LIFE
MY most hansom HUSBAND Maurice and our 3 most BUAUIFTUL Daughter in the WORLD and my son Miles (our dog) that I can’t wait to hold and tell me all bout this…

TO my GIRLS --- MOMMY is back restored and has a clear direction on would were going…

WITH OUT all the prayer and support I don’t know where I would be but ONE thing is for sure


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