Monday, September 1, 2008

Menu for THE WEEK!


Monday~Milan Melon Festival (good fair food)
Tuesday~Steaks & veg's on the grill
Wednesday~Breakfast (Mops Steering Team Meeting)
Thursday~ Pork chop, corn cob, Cheese potato's and hot fudge Sundays
Friday~ Taco's , rice, beans, salsa and chips
Saturday~ BBQ Ribs, salad and mix fruit (racing)
Sunday~ Lasagna,garlic bread,salad and brownies


Alex said...

hot fudge sundaes? i am coming to your house! looks like another week of yummy eats at casa edwards!

Heather said...

You just reminded me to go take pork chops out of the freezer! THANKS! Looks like great meals over your way:)

KC said...

been awhile since you posted so I thought I would tag you ;P
it's in the post called Some Friday Fun.

Nadine said...

Hey there, I hope all is well with you. Sorry I've not been around.