Thursday, July 24, 2008

The past few weeks from my Jounal!


THANK YOU for all you prays and love. We send them back out to ALL of you!
HAVE a great weekend with your FAMILY'S. Share Gods words with someone today. SMILE from ear to ear knowing that God is with you and LOVES you like know other.

Kiss you kids 7x, tell all of them you love them more than 7x.
oxoxox from our family to yours...God Bless and have a fun, safe weekend...

PS... MO is walking without pain and will be racing this weekend. PRAISE BE TO GOD!
The girls and I are going to be his cheerleaders.
Thursday 24Th
All that can be said today is

The news from the doctor yesterday tell is all. We're BELIEVING GOD.

To doctors have really know answer or explanation for us we just know that GOD has shown himself to US. Mo has been clear to do as he is able to do. We need to go back to in 4weeks and to the C doctor in 3weeks.

WE are BELIEVING GOD has heal and clean his BODY of all sickness. Standing firm in what we know and HIS LOVE WILL COVER ALL!

Wednesday 23rd This is the Day we find out more about the inflection.

I wake up today going outside sitting on the swing listening to the birds and watching the cat play and this versus came to mind.

“This is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it” Psalm 118:24

Every day that we are given is a precious gift from Almighty God. We should wake up every morning with a grateful attitude, full of faith and expectancy for what the Lord has in store. Sure, we may be facing some challenges in our every day life, or maybe things are not going the way we planned, but remember, each new day is a chance to stand strong in the midst see the faithfulness of God. STANDING firm in FAITH!

Every new day is an opportunity to praise and thank Him; This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it! Be glad that God has promised to never leave us or forsake us. HE IS SO GOOD!

Singing is one of the GREATEST ways. yet I can't carry a tone to save my LIVE. But God still LOVES me. We have been down loading music like crazy...Jam in the car and georoge shouting to the LORD the kids are just loving it... rejoice in what God is and what he is doing in our life's here at The Edwards HOUSE.
Tuesday 22ND

Mo had app with Dr. Lynch today BLESSING - BLESSING - were pured out!
to sum it all up he need to keep up with therapy and return back in 4weeks. NO real answer were given but God showed his love and has blessed us...

Monday 20Th

Blessed, fortunate, happy and spiritually prosperous…are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, uprightness and right standing with God, for they shall be completely satisfied” Matthew 5:6

Madison and I focus on today:

For example, if we focus on our favorite foods, if you start thinking about it early in the morning, and all throughout the day, chances are, by the end of the day you’ll be eating it! At least I do...
Its not funny but so true, what we give our attention to, your will desire. In the same way, the more we give our attention to God and His Word, the more we will hunger for Him.

What a great scripture a promises, when you hunger for righteousness, you will be completely satisfied. The world offers so many things for us to give our attention to, but they are not things that will satisfy.

We might think we want a particular car, or certain clothes, or live in a particular neighborhood. There’s nothing wrong with those things, but understand that “things” won’t ever satisfy you.

ALL WANTS What are you wanting today?

Recognize that only God will satisfy you. As you hunger for Him, you’ll live in peace and blessing... Wants and Needs are really being show to US here at The Edwards house.
Sunday 20Th The girls and I made it to church. Tony from church came out and sat with Mo! So that we could go. THANK YOU! That really helped out.
Lots of great FAMILY time all day LONG!
Saturday 19Th I gave in and we went to the race track. Just been worried that he would do way to much he sat on the golf cart. So many racer came up to us showing their love and support. Telling Mo how much they have missed him, glad to see him out here and what was most great we were in all their PRAYERS - PRAYERS. The smiles with the laughter was the best thing for Mo. He needed it. Friends, this was the passion he needed to help equip him in his walk with God's. Sometimes we need encouragement on the journey to help us see that God is for us and not against us! There was no better time than today we as a FAMILY experi-ence the goodness of God. This month is coming to a end but all we want to do is help spread the message of hope, what a great moderation. He told the girls and I he would be walking and racing by next weekend that is the Super Chevy show... I realize then through faith and pray God showed us that this storm was near the end. Praise be to GOD!
Love covers over many offenses. It means that you give people the benefit of the doubt. You consider what they may be going through over how they reacted to you. Instead of getting upset, walk in love—be patient, be kind to them. Look for ways to love the people in your life.
Thursday 17Th
The last few weeks God has been showing that we wants me to rest. He wants to refresh and restore my soul, which is my mind, will and emotions. It’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life, and before long, my mind, will and emotions are so “spun up” that I can barely think straight!

But even among the hustle of life, we can find rest, ease and relaxation. God wants us to enjoy our life's. That’s why He tells us to come to Him. When we understand that God wants to take care of everything that concerns us, we will be able to find rest. Imagine that someone came up to you today and said, “Give me all your monthly bills, I’m going to pay them.” You’d get pretty excited, would’t you? But it would’t happen until you did your part to give that person your bills. That REALLY did HAPPEN to US! Remember they could’t pay them for you if you never release them. In the same way, when we release our cares and concerns to God, He promises to take care of them. The last few DAY have been WILD in a GREAT way!


Wednesday 16Th No matter what may be going on all around you today, you can still live in peace. The bible encourages us to not let our hearts be troubled. Negative things negative people they can steals your peace.

We have been in fear, worry or anxiety about everything, it hard something time to let go but we have to remind yourself those feelings are not from God because He has promised to give you a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. There is tremendous power in peace. When you are at peace internally, you can think more clearly. You can hear the voice of God more easily. You’ll make better decisions. Even your physical body responds to peace. The enemy knows this, and his goal is to steal your peace. He tries to set you up to get upset. But when you choose to receive God’s peace, then no weapon formed against.

Today many thing started to happen Food started to arrive, pastor came to visit, the church gave us gas cards, someone called about dragster, Madison and I started our first bible study together. I was able to get things done around here. The hospital called with good news about the bills. Two cards came in the mail that really lifted Mo spirits. GOOD IS SO GREAT! PRAISE BE TO HIM. I see his work all around us. I have a great support team all the kids I watch are SUPER! I just can't tell you all the praise I have but I see GOD all around us more and more everyday... GOD bless all of you that have been praying. God bless this world.

Monday 14Th,

All Things Are Possible with a GOD like ares...

The situation in our life today it seems impossible. But know that God is on our side there is no limits to what were going to see. We only limit ourselves. It doesn't matter how it may look in the world around us, when you see things through your eyes of faith, you can see NEW POSSIBILITIES.

Today mark 5weeks of Mo not feeling well. He is now going to treatment 2 twice a day with therapy Mon-Wed-Fir. Very little important in his eyes yet GREAT amount in the doctors.

PRAISE God! THANK you all for all the love and support. The song that God was singing to me this morning was Our God is so Big and so Strong there is nothing our God can't do...

"What is impossible with men is possible with God" (Luke 18:27).

What a great way to start your day by God singing to YOU! Mo keeps telling me it all starts by having a grateful attitude: an attitude of faith and expectancy. When we declare the promises of God over your life's and meditate on His Word, it activates faith in our hearts. By Faith it draws the good things of God into your life. Try this tomorrow when, you wake up in the morning, declare that with God all things are possible.

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