Thursday, April 17, 2008

Food for Thought

I hopped on here today and couldn't believe that it has been since March 30. I have missed all of you! Most of all I have miss the encouragement I get by reading or stopping by my friends blog sites! Today I'm here and hoping to catch up with some of you!

While I have been away I have been SO busy. Our House has been hit with this nasty bug that Mo and I still have. Mac last Wednesday break her ankle and right now has landed herself up on the couch for two weeks, This past Wednesday April 16Th Molly's left ear drum busted she also is off school for two days. Madison is DOING great fill of encourage and love for all of us.

On April 3, we gave our Family Dog Gizmo away to a dear friend, in which this is the first week I have not cried when thinking of him. He is doing wonderful with his new family and looks TERRIFIC! It has been really hard on ME! My friends and family have been very supportive - I have called many of them crying and out of my mind! It is greating better I know he is HAPPY!

I'm really enjoying the weather changes, but it is hard to change things around. Racing season started last week. Our first race is this Saturday we are totally READY for it! The girls cars got new paint jobs they look Plum CRAZY! Special thanks goes out to Ken! Mac will miss her first race but she is still excited for this year! I'm looking forward to having 4 champions coming from my house (Mo, Mad, Mac and Curt). There as never been a father-daughter or two members of the same family setting at the head table until this year! With the help of our heavenly Lord Father. BUT most of all I pray for JUST GOOD old FUN and FAMILY time.

My babysitting kids are always wanting to be outside -- all 9 of them. I have been watching The Mccoy kids on Friday-Saturday nights. I need them as much as they need me. THANK you God for all the wonderful kids that I watch. I'm getting up 1-2 hours early just to get all done inside the house so I can enjoy the outside play with them. Not much sleep here. I know my strength is coming from God alone. Reading the word everyday and faithful writing in my pray journal is doing it. ~~101 Ways to PRAISE a CHILD~~

Last Saturday and Sunday my ex-brother in law, Madison and I worked on my kitchen floor and back splash behind my store! WOW~WOW~ it LOOKS great! NO FANTASTIC! pics to come
I keep asking myself how did i survive without a kitchen for 11months? I just LOVE my KITCHEN!

We have all been working hard on going through all our spring/summer things to see what fits and what we can give away. Rearranging dresser drawers and closets, painting rooms for a clean new LOOK! The upstairs is coming along really while. Molly's & Maddie's room are still in need of carpets but they are both done. THEY look great, I would have to say so myself! I promise to have them done by the time we started racing and I did just that.

I have been doing great with my reading challenge. Which indeed it is a challenge in itself.
At church were studying Job I can relate!

When a loved one lies near death and is suddenly healed (my grandfather) Yet my moms dear friend is dieing as I write, we whisper, "God Is GOOD" When an unexpected check arrives in time to cover the groceries ($1000.00 check did not from govt), we thank God. He loves us so! I want to help Jenn C. out with her bills.
But what about when you lost your job (two kids have moved on), when your husband leaves (a friends did last week) or when your child dies (a friend of a friends 9year hung himself yesterday) not sure all details.

Then is God still GOOD? DOES he still love us so?

If any individual in the Bible had reason to doubt God, it would be Job. He lost it all and yet he never lost FAITH! Job 19:25-26 There are not words mouthed in the fat times of life, but rather in the skinny, starving moments. Job speaks with complete confidence, calling God his Redeemer, pointing out his saving power even in the middle of unimaginable loss. WHILE we can lose much of what our lives are made of, we cannot LOSE God. He remains-unchanging-as our Savior whatever our CIRCUMSTANCE'S.

I will post more about all of this at another time.

To be complete HONESTY we have had ALLOT of fun TOO!
The first weekend this month was our Alliance Women retreat at our church. What fun it was!
Without my hubby or kids I was able to enjoy. I had a nice time spending it with some people that I don't get to hang out with as much as I would like. The speakers were great and such wonderful messages and when we left, us girls talk about how nothing popped out at us. BUT every day since then the seeds that were planted have been VERY helpful! One of the things discussed was conflict resolution and how to do it with a biblical perspective. WE all could relate to this. Conflict is always around the counter! I know that with God's help things will smooth out...

I had a visit from the Huron County and Ohio Hungry Food Program this past Tuesday. It was a little crazy with no activity or menu plans for this month. BUT I did past! I have planned the rest of the month menus. It's pretty easy dishes and what everyone love. NO new stuff! I just enjoy trying new dishes but not really one likes this.

My MOPS year is coming to a end, sad but true I have learned so much about others and most of all myself. GOD is GOOD, GOD loves all of us even when we have done wrong, GOD never leave, GOD gives us wonderful friends to call upon, GOD wants us to count on him before anyone else, GOD is who he says he is, GOD can do what he says he can do, I am who GOD says I am, I CAN do all things through Christ, GOD'S Word is alive and active in ME.


Psalms 143:3 I remember the days of long ago; I mediate on all your works, and consider what your hands done.

Psalms 144:2 He is my loving God and my fortress, my stronghold and my deliverer, my shield, in whom I take refuge, who subdues peoples, under me.

Psalms 146:1-2 Praise the LORD. Praise the LORD, O my soul I will praise the LORD all my life, I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.

Take in some sunshine, smell the flowers look around at all the new creation that our right in front of us. It's going to be in low 70s today here!

My God smile on all of YOU!


Nadine said...

You have been busy and sick. You poor thing. I pray that the bug leaves soon. It's tough to give a member of the family, but I'm glad you had people around you to help you with missing your dog.

No matter how crazy life gets I always try to remember that: 1. God loves me. 2. God is good and everything else starts at 3. It helps me.


KC said...

Been missing you here in blog world.. was wondering what was up.. I figured with the nice weather you have been busy with the babysitting kids and getting ready for racing.
Sorry you were sick.. and about you missing your dog and all the crazy things happening but you are so right GOD IS GOOD..
very sad and scary stuff about the 9 year old.. He was a friend of one of my friends son also.. I have head from the friend of the friend mother some of it and it is all so sad..
Good luck with the racing this weekend.

Alex said...

Yikes! You have been busy! As I sit here at work today, I could see the kids getting off the school bus and playing on your porch :) I didn't know you gave Gizmo away. At least you can still visit him.