Sunday, March 16, 2008

Game Time

What a great weekend first on Saturday morning Madison had her first valley ball games at the Norwalk Rec. What fun we all had. Watching the young ladies bumping and setting they did have a few really good valleys. GREAT team workout! I really was moved by how much they were encouraging each other.
Madison, did super! At first she was nervous, with it being first time ever playing and being the first game. You could see her getting more comfortable in the second game.

She did served the winning point in the second game.
They won all three games this week!

Way to go GIRLS!
We can't wait until next Saturday!


KC said...

WOO HOO Congrats to them.. Way to go.

Happy2bme said...

So I guess they did win. I should of read further before posting the other one.. haha Congrats!!