Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Having Some FUN!

Where did this BOX come from?

I think it just made a NOISE!


Boxes are so much fun. The girls and I have made these 14 things out of BOXES!

1. Kitchen - Sink

2. Doll House (house)

3. Tables

4. Drums

5. Beds

6. Computers

7. Furniture ~ chairs

8. Boats

9. Cars - Buses

10. T.V.

11. Blankets

12. Basketball ~ Soccer box

13. Island

14. Stove - Microwave

Can you remember playing with boxes when you were a kid? What did you make?

1 comment:

palmtreefanatic said...

Difinitely sound slike fun and a great imaginative way of keeping busy!
Jelena and her friend made a Web kiz doll house for ALL her webkinz...It had to go when we redid her room! She had stairs in it and everything