Thursday, February 28, 2008

My thoughts: Being tossed around!

Are there people or activities in your life that you know you need to separate yourself from?
The Bible says that bad company will corrupt good morals. God wants you to constantly be growing and rising higher in life. That’s why this verse encourages us to separate ourselves from corrupting influences. And those influences are more than just the people in your everyday life. The influences are anything that influence your thinking. Be careful about what you are allowing into your mind. Be careful about what you read and what you watch. Don’t give your attention to things that are going to drag you down. Choose to separate yourself today. Remember. God wants you to live an abundant life. He wants you be separate so that He can work through you and fulfill his purposes in you life. As you cleanse yourself God will work in and through you so that you can live as an over comer the way God intends!


Heather said...

I went through this last year and had to do some cleansing. Makes a major difference in where your focus is!

KC said...

Stop by my blog there is a new award waiting for you in my Meme Monday #5 post.