Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thursday Think Tank

Being GRATEFUL for the GIFT of TODAY!

Today is a reflection on the past year, time to embrace all the wonderful things that took place... Looking back at 2007 for me it was more life changing. I personally feel I have changed a lot and grown to know my Lord and Savior more. I really had to stop stressing over the things I couldn't’t change and give it to God. He will, in his time… NOT mine. I learned to say NO ~ declined a lot of invitations and really spending more time with my FAMILY! I would have to say, I’m very pleased with myself and no one else's opinions of me should matter only of my God.
2008 came in with a bang with our family and close friends eating lots of food, playing lots of games Guitar Hero also but most of all LAUGHTER, SMILES, HUGS and KISSES. More wonderful memories to be made this year. And sharing and knowing that this is going to be the BEST YEAR we have seen YET!
What are your GIFTS?
1 Tim 4:14 Give yourself to your GIFTS.
13 of my Strengths
1. My family ~ Mo & Girls ~ caring for them
2. MY Husband ~ Our Marriage (this year will be 9 year and yet 16 years together)
3. My daycare ~ Great with Kids ~ love working with kids ~ Girls Scouts ~ Awana
4. Love to Love ~ sharing my heart, a happy heart is the best Medicine
5. Friendships ~ true, honesty, loyalty, responsible, respect, commitment
6. Being able to encourage others ~ in turn that encourages me
7. Conversation ~ love to interact with other people ~ I can talk to anyone
8. Staying true to WHO God made me to BE! (still working on daily)
9. Self-confident ~ standing tall ~ proud to be a Woman, MOM, Wife, Sister, Friend
10. Celebrate more ~ living life as it was my last day here!
11. Compliment ~ letting others know how GREAT they are!
12. Thankfulness ~ that without God we would be lost ~ To Praise the Lord everyday ~ with all our heart ~ To read the word
13. Trying to be the Best I can be ~

MOST importantly to tell the ones that are so dear to me that I LOVE them every day, every moment and every time we talk…

Proverbs 18:16 A man’s gift makes room for him and brings before great men.

13 of my weakness!
1. Always on the go (being more of a HOMEBODIES)
2. Eating/self control over foods (fitness-working out all together)
3. Stepping out on our own (new beginning)
4. Delegation (counting on others more)
5. I’m always looking for perfection in myself and others (it’s OK to make mistakes)
6. Sleeping more (take more time for Shaunda)
7. Quiet my tongue (need to listen more)
8. Stop trying to please everyone (saying true to who I’m)
9. To follow through (not stopping in the middle - finishing it through)
10. To visit with our Family and FRIENDS (once a month have parties here)
11. Don’t compare ourselves to others (Only celebrate!)
12. To give more Praise (pray together more - reading the word to each other)
13. TO TALK in front of other with confidence.

These are thing I plan to work on this year and as a Family…

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palmtreefanatic said...

you are such a wonderful person! I just love you Shaunda and you are such an inspiration to all! I praise God for YOU!