Sunday, January 27, 2008

Health NOTE: BODY Blitz Fat Bowl!

On January 13, the GAME begin... Allison and I, joined at the Rec Center
"The Body Blitz Fat Bowl".

This is How it works!
1:Finding a partner: Allison and I
2:Choose a team name: CIA "Change In Appearance"
3:Each player will be measured with a tape measure: WOW is all I can say!

4:Earn points doing a Special exercises of the week and healthy tip of the week.
5:Weekly weigh is earn points. Allison weight 207 and My weight was 185.
6:Weekly workouts our team has to complete THREE classed workout, one of which has to be Cardio Scuplt Challenge, Interval step, body sculpt, ab blast, and cardio jam.

Extra POINTS: Fruit and veggie points, Healthily tip of the Week, Exercise of the Week and Team challenges.

Week 1:January 13-19
Healthy tip of week: Keep a food diary. We did that, plus ate our fruit and veggies.
Exercise of week: Walking lunges around the track "what a GREAT workout"
When I weigh in @ 182 ---- When Allison weigh in @ 207
FINISHING this week in 3rd PLACE

Week 2: January 20-26
Healthy tip: removing tempts out of cabinet & freeze KEEP it out for 8 weeks: Shaunda coffee creamer, cheese popcorn & corn dogs. Allison coffee creamer-granola bars and cheese sticks.
Exercise of the week: partner ab leg toss, 30 second ab resist hold.
When I weighed in @ 181 ----When Allison weigh in @ 206
FINISHING this week in ? up date on Tuesday also PICTURES to come!

BUT MOST of all
WERE having LOTS of FUN!

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