Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday Thanks Tank

Duties Of A Teacher

The everyday duties of a teacher Are as difficult as they can be, Whether in an elementary or secondary school Or whether the teacher is a he or she.The teacher must possess a bundle of information, A knowledge that will constantly shine, And in addition must maintain class discipline To keep all the students properly in line.There are insurmountable number of questions To be answered during every period of the day, And test papers must be carefully graded when The students leave and go merrily on their way.The pleasures and encounters of an evening out Are few and seldom to be socially shared, Because the next day's lessons must have priority, Be reviewed and lessons carefully prepared. A dedicated teacher gets a personal satisfaction In this cumbersome and timeless atmosphere.The role of a teacher is vital in this complex world, Preparing all students for a future career.

Joseph T. Renaldi

I'm so THANKFUL for All the TEACHER out there!
Here is a picture of what the girls are giving this year!

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Melanie said...

Teachers have a difficult job!!

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