Monday, November 26, 2007

Weekend Reflection!

Well, the time has come to start decorating the house. I am going for a very simple look this year. We started a wonderful family tradition with the Freeland Family that we track through the tree yards-field to fine our trees together. Its been 7 years now.
WOW where does the time go?

Sunday, We went out look for that special EDWARDS tree. In which is really funny cause we look and look for hours to go back to the very first!
The weather was great!


Saturday was funny also, a good friend of mine went with me and the girls to see the new movie Chanted. After movie a few of my girl friends and I got together and went out.

Black Friday, Girls and I stayed over night at my sister's house so that it would be easier in morning. My wonderful brother-in-law, got me a air mattress to sleep on but it didn't have a eclectic pump. So he ran out to get batteries for it. WOW! 2 hour later still not blow up. BUT it will do 9pm out I went. Around 1am I got kicked out of my bed and ended up in Jacobs room sleeping on this table bed. It really is that hard!. BUT all was good, we were out the door by 3am heading to the first store ~Toy R US! We went everywhere! We did stop at 11am to eat and back at it we went, not stopping until 3pm. ALL IS DONE! I got GREAT deals and saved over $600 dollars. SPENDING time with my sister made the whole day GREAT! I couldn't of ask for any thing more... Thursday, Thanksgiving day, To start my morning off I got up around 6:30am to go shopping at K-Mart, yes I did get all the stuff I needed and more.

Picked girls up around 11:30am, and AT 12pm family started to arrive... Well I am very happy to report that TOM the 35lb turkey didn't have a chance. My house of packed with family, friends and some people I didn't even know! Over 64 people stopped by to say HI!

But, MY stuffing was the high light of the whole day! IT tasted SO GOOD! ! If I do say so myself! BUT most of all I really enjoyed hearing what everyone was THANKFUL for! Wednesday, NO SCHOOL, the day before Thanksgiving I had lots to do! I decided to cooked Tom the Turkey this morning so that I had the evening and rest of tomorrow to spend with my family. He was done by 11am. So kids and I worked on stuffing, potatoes, devil eggs, fruit salad, pumpkin pie/roll, apple pie, cornbread, clean veg's for tray, opened cans for cranberry sauce, corn and all kinds of other things. DID lunch and all was done by 12:30pm...OFF to the mall we went. Yes, all the kids and I went to the mall. We had a great time doing a little shopping but the HIGH Light came when Maddie and I got our carders pieced. WOW! Living on the edge for sure! Second HIGH Light, KID FREE 6:30pm, a dear friend had them over for the evening. WHAT a ball they were having! ME TO!


KC said...

sounds like you had a great weekend.
I did a little shopping on friday but not much.. I still have a lot to do.

Alex said...

I am so, so sorry that I didn't give you a call! We went to my mom's for Thanksgiving (which was just a weird experience) then I got sick, then I fell asleep and forgot to call. I'm surprised I didn't see you at Toys R Us. I drug Jackson out with me. It sounds like you had a great day, though!!!