Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday...

Annie is a wonderful host of Time Travel Tuesday. This week we're traveling back to the most memorable Halloween. When we were kids my mom always handmade our costumes like, lion, cat, bunny, ghost, alien, flower pot, belly dancer, bumble bee, scare crows, fairy, ladybugs, clown. BUT my mom wasn't a picture taker. I'm hoping that tonight I will be able to find a few.
But here are some pictures of girls and I.

My sister, good ~ friend and I went to a Pirate party!

Here are a few pictures of the girls...
Just last night they went to a Halloween Party!

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KC said...

What a great time travel. I love all the costumes. The girls looked great.
Have fun tonight.. I'm hoping to get all 4 of my kids to sit still together tonight to get a group shot. Princess thinks she is too old for trick or treating.. but is planning on dressing up to pass out candy.. so Here is hoping for that good group shot. Little Man will be my one who won't wan to stay still long enough.