Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Our Trick, God's Treat

My girls and I handed out candy at my mom's house. We stand at the door and they open their bags and willingly accept whatever we drop in.
Madison had this idea, Halloween allows us to “do evangelism in reverse.” Those who need Jesus come to us and we have the freedom to put whatever spin we want on the whole Halloween thing. But what kind of a message are you giving to your neighborhood kids if you refuse to participate?

TO those that are at home and (pretend you’re not by leaving your lights off and not answering the doorbell) you are missing an opportunity. Is that what Jesus would do?

Rather I think we need to ask to whom you can extend a Christ-like smile as well as a miniature candy bar. And maybe even a creative Christian greeting. I did find this wonderful poem that we used...

Our Trick, God’s Treat
It was really quite neat that you asked for a treat

when you stopped by and rang our doorbell.

Though we don’t know your name

we are still glad you came

and would like to pass this on as well.
Long before time began,

Father God had a plan for His people to all get along.

But we blew it, you see, when we chose selfishly

to insist on OUR WAY and do wrong.
What we did was a trick that made God really sick.

But He didn’t trick us in return.

He reached out with a treat that is sweeter than sweet.

It’s a treat that we never could earn.
God says, “I’ll be your friend! I’ll forgive all your sin.

I sent Jesus to make you brand new.

On this Halloween night as you turn out your light,

just remember how much I love you!”

Copyright 2003 by Greg Asimakoupoulos. Used by permission


Talk..to..Grams said...

How cool is this!!! This was neat!
Thanks for your visits!! Come back any time!! Blessings, Grams

Ginny said...

That is a bit odd. If you don't celebrate Halloween, I don't think you should trick kids into hearing your load of crap :)

Shaunda said...

You stopped by my blog site and left a comment that I truly have know idea where you got the idea that I don't celebrate Halloween, my oldest daughter wanted to share God with others...So we live in the country and my mother lives in town... AND I'm sorry you feel hearing about God is a load of crap! But I, in NO way trick kids we just gave a bit of candy with a little note!!!!