Thursday, October 4, 2007

14 Things I LOVE about FALL!

14 Things I love about fall in no real order!

1. Leafs changing
2. Pumpkins ~ Halloween
3. LITTLE camp fires (I mean little ones)
4. NO more mowing & weeding
5. Sunraises ~ Fall sunsets, morning clouds
6. Getting together with friends (MOPS)
7. Warm, snuggly fleece pajamas
8. No more BUGS (mo still finds spiders)
9. Football games (Go Browns)
10. Baking cookies
11. Opening the Windows
12. Girl Scouts
13. Craft Shows
14. Mini Series starting back up


Alex said...

Fall is the best season ever!!! :) I love this post!

palmtreefanatic said...

what a nice post! I too like most of these things! Hedge balls keep a way spiders, try it they really work!

Lori_N said...

Oh my gosh, too funny. Yes, no more big campfires only little ones. And the spiders...go Mo!! You spider killer you.