Sunday, September 30, 2007

Thursday-Ran around getting ready for weekend. Allison & her girls came over for dinner and we watched a movie. It was really a good time lots of laughs...

Friday-was crazy, Maddie came home sick from school i was able to get her and Molly both in to see the doctor in which was a shock. Molly UTI is still there new meds but crazy enough for Maddie her ear drum split. I couldn't believe what they told us. They gave her meds and on our way we went. We ended up watching the move "Gracie" very good. and just hanging around the house with all of our cats... FREE to good home! Any one looking for a cat? Saturday-busy did the shopping thing, ran to bank, packed for the track and went racing. Last points race for 2007 season. Mo ended up finishing 3rd in his class and Maddie 16th in her class. WAY to go to the both of them. A Lot of hard work went into this year. GREAT JOB!

Sunday-ALL slept in. WOW! Mac & Molly made us breakfast in bed (eggs,toast & milk).
Molly went to a birthday party and girls and I went to M.DeWitt's spagetti dinner to help out. ~~ Went really well ~~ glad we could be there. Mo stayed home and watched football all DAY! He loved IT. Glad I could make his day. I came back home took nap and that is why i'm still up! 5:30am is going to come to soon.


palmtreefanatic said...

Wow! wasnt planning on getting a kitty, someday perhaps but That kitten on the left SURE looks tempting! SO ADORABLE! I would be surprised if there will be any left after putting them on here;)

Lori_N said... weekend as usual. Is Madison's ear gonna be ok? Gosh, I hope so.

Way to go Mo and Madison! Awesome year!!

Frdgrl27 said...

WOW GIRL! you did a great job on your blog! YOU HAVE BEEN BUSY!!!! Good to be back! You guys did a great job this season! looking forward to Halloween Classic!

Rachel said...

Hey Shaunda, it was good talking to you this morning. go check out the pic of my boys on my blog. I know someone who's interested in one of the sweet little kittens. I'm working on her real hard.

Angel Cooley said...

Holly Wow Shaunda!
This has got to be the best site I have cliked into sice I got the internet! There is so much to read, learn, and grow on. Thank you so much for sharing it all.
& Congrats to your family on a successful season!

Shaunda said...

Tina, yes I still have the kitten on the left, she is a GIRL for sure. They are about 4 month old still eating kitten food. So playful and loving...Stop by anytime!!!!