Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fantastic Friday's

Where do I begin? Beautiful evening for a bomb fire, so I think. With a Little to much gas gives us a big bang in which someone calls the Norwalk fire department thinking Millers Landscaping is on fire. YES```I said the fire department. Not 1 Not 2 but 3 and a van. Now thinking I'm going to go to JAIL my wonderful husband comes to my rescue. Mo knew the GUYS! Thank gosh! All I could do was laugh even though it really wasn't funny. That's MY LUCK!!!!

DID not have any time to take real pictures but you get the idea!

I really thought I was going to go to jail! I made a promise NO more bomb fires for me. If I want marshmallows I will use my GRILL!


Lori_N said...

I guess those pictures will have to do. I'm still disappointed, but the pictures help :)

I'm glad everyone was ok and you didn't burn down any garages.

Frdgrl27 said...

Ha ha ha! Thats my friend! WILD AND CRAZY!!!