Friday, August 17, 2007

On are way to the Huron Country Fair! Can you Quess How many this YEAR?
13 but if you add Cy & Zach that were showing horses this week, it would be 15 total.
Trinity~Sophia~Heather ~Caleb~Josh~

I have to Say I have the best group of KIDS! LOVE them ALL!
Special Thanks to Jenn for helping me out...WHAT A GREAT DAY!

We also seen many MOPS moms out there:
Caryn~Donna~Bonnie~Tina~Lori N. ~Kim~Lori D.~Amber ~Heather ~Allison ~CC ~Barb ~Sharon~Stephanie

CAN'T wait until next year!


Lori_N said...

I saw you too! You do such a great job with all those kids, Shaunda!

palmtreefanatic said...

yes you do! You are so amazing Shaunda!
Thats a cute picture!