Monday, August 27, 2007

If you have never been to the track it's something you need to experience JUST once.

The Chevy Drags show was a HIT! Free tickets and lots of good old fashion fun.

We really enjoy spending our weekend with Jenn and Jake, the Mushett family, the Everman family and Cy. Jenn and Jake are Ford fans but I think they're coming around. WE love you both. Friday night was alot of fun, fast cars and we were there to see a world record broken. Saturday had it's ups and downs but once the rain was gone it was great. THANKS again for a AWESOME weekend.

Little update on what went on Sunday. We had a double Sportsman show on Sunday it was beautiful, sunlit Sunday at Summit Motorsports Park. The rain that plagued us yesterday is gone, and we have beautiful weather. At the end of race 1 it was Mo in the Finals in Mod and Josh in the Finals in Dot. We're out here having a ball! To bad I didn't have a pic of it but I fell asleep by the trash can. THEY both runner UP meaning 2nd places.

At 5:00p.m. - We're into our second set of sportsman racing. After a full day of racing, with one round complete, our racers are back for a second complete show! It's hard to believe the number of survivors here who continue to compete for the weekend's honors. Mo going out 2 round, with Chris going out 6th round in Mod. BUT not to forget Josh finishing NUMBER 1 in Dot. NOT a bad weekend for my GUYS.

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Lori_N said...

Too funny you falling asleep by the trash have some explaining to do :)